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Tall Guy Talks Travel with Rick Dougherty

Jul 18, 2024

In the mid-1960s Walt Disney was very busy.  He was not only scooping up land for his Florida Project, and his hopes for an experimental, prototype community of tomorrow.  Walt also had plans for a ski resort in the mountains of California.  Why didn't it work?  The authors of the book "Disneyland on the Mountain: Walk,...

Jul 11, 2024

Rick and Maz started a tier-list for all of the attractions in Disney's Hollywood Studios back in June.  Today, the two of them will finish ranking those attractions.  Before that, Rick talks with a representative from Locks-of-Love about his donation of hair for sick children.

Jul 4, 2024

On the 4th of July, Rick is going to take a look at the American Adventure in Epcot's World Showcase, and he will talk about the different changes he would make to the attraction.  Speaking of changes, Disney has made a lot of changes to their Disability Access Service.  Rick is going to go over those changes in...

Jun 27, 2024

After Maz and Rick ranked all of the attractions at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and it was extremely popular, they are back to do the same thing with Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Ranking Star Wars, Toy Story, Muppets, and more, it is bound to be controversial.


Jun 20, 2024

Rick will be joined by former-Walt Disney World cast member Miranda, who currently works for Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.  Miranda will talk about working in the aquarium in the Seas Pavilion in Epcot, and she will discuss what she does to help animals in the Orlando-area.  

After that, Rick's wife Courtney will be...